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Pelican Nebula

Photo © 2019 By Jeff Pickens

The Pelican Nebula

Astronomy on the Colorado Plateau

( and sometimes beyond )

Explorapedia has a small collection of telescopes and cameras. Our primary astronomic instrument is a Celestron 14-inch telescope which will probably remain our largest telescope. The second largest is a Celestron 9.25-inch telescope of the same basic design. It also has a full aperture solar filter. The third instrument is a 5 inch refractor. All are portable. On occasion we conduct star parties and when that occurs we will post the schedule on the events page.

Activities in Astronomy with Explorapedia

Orion Nebula

Photo © 2017 By Jeff Pickens

The Orion Nebula


Photo © 2019 By RDM

Star Party - June 8, 2019

Andromeda Galaxy

Photo © 2018 By Jeff Pickens

The Andromeda Galaxy

Horsehead Nebula

Photo © 2017 By Jeff Pickens

The Horsehead Nebula


Photo © 2017 By Kelly Woodruff

We also do Outreach

Explorapedia Digital Artwork

Photo © 2002 By RDM

Telescope Dreams (in graphics)

The Moon

Photo © 2019 By Jeff Pickens


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